SKYLOONG Screen Tool User Guide


Table of Contents Screen Tool Interface Skyloong v1.0 screen tool interface Skyloong v2.0 screen tool interface Image or GIF Uploading Step Image and GIF requirement V1.0 screen: Resolution: 160*128 Size:Ā  Up to 15M V2.0 screen: Resolution: 320*240 Size:Ā  Up to 15M Uploading Step Take the screen out from keyboard. Plug the cable into screen and […]



Table of Contents Origin of GK61 The GK61 keyboard owes its genesis to the vibrant and collaborative Geekhack community, where enthusiasts congregated to share their love for mechanical keyboards. In 2016, SKYLOONG’s dedicated Research and Development team embarked on a journey to enhance and refine the GH60, an open-source project within the community. Drawing inspiration […]

SKYLOONG Keyboard Customization Service

skyloong keyboard customization process

Table of Contents All the keyboards on sale in this store are directly from the SKYLOONG factory. The production team will follow strict production processes to ensure the quality of the product before your keyboard is delivered. Regarding the production process, there is a reference below: The whole process of receiving order and production takes […]