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All the keyboards on sale in this store are directly from the SKYLOONG factory.

The production team will follow strict production processes to ensure the quality of the product before your keyboard is delivered.

Regarding the production process, there is a reference below:

skyloong keyboard customization process

The whole process of receiving order and production takes around two days (Not including the shipping period)

As you can see in this process.

Your keyboard is a freshly hot cake.

Therefore, we get confident in customizing your keyboard according to your demand, as well as the after-sales service, warranty, and 30 days money-back guarantee service.

In order to simplify the customization service, we set a customizing rule as a reference in this guide.

What customizing demand can be accepted?

Currently, we accept replacing part demand.

  • Keycap
  • Switch
  • Plate

*More demands can be discussed by sending email to us.


Part replacement rule

For example:

You are looking for GK61.

But you are dissatisfied with the keycap options currently available in the store.

You prefer “JIUWEI“ keycap.

Please write your demand in the “Additional information” box, in the format below:

Keycap replacement: WhiteGray-> “JIUWEI”

Oh, wait!

You are dissatisfied with the current switch options and plate options as well?


Completing your demands in the “Additional information” box.

Keycap replacement: WhiteGray-> “JIUWEI”

Switch replacement: Gateron red 3.0-> Gateron x SKYLOONG Milk Purple

Plate replacement: Steel plate-> PC plate

The case will be the same as your option in the order list if you don’t have a special mention in the “Additional information” box.

That’s all, so this is where the customization service is meaningful!

Please note: The GK61pro, because of the special knob & split spacebar design. we can only change the keycaps except for the split spacebar part if you insist on changing the keycap.

What accessories are in the part replacement options?


All keycaps in category list.

Note: The GK87Pro split spacebar keycap option will be replaced according to your keycap replacement.


All switches in category list.


All plates in category list.

Price difference rule

Most of the options can be replaced without additional cost, but some products may require an extra fee.


The current option is ABS keycap.


The current option is KTT or the replacement option is Cherry brand.


In summary

All we hope is that customers will receive perfect ending gear from skyloong. 

Based on the powerful one-shop professional team in the factory, We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and great after-sales service, and confident in it.

We always value your feedback to improve SKYLOONG products and services.

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  1. Bom dia, quero comprar o kit gk87pro, teria a possibilidade de ser o teclado preto com as barras laterais azul? Se sim, como faço para proceder com a compra personalizada

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