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Screen Tool Interface

skyloong v1.0 screen tool interface
Skyloong v1.0 screen tool interface
skyloong v2.0 screen tool interface
Skyloong v2.0 screen tool interface

Image or GIF Uploading Step

Image and GIF requirement

  • V1.0 screen:
    • Resolution: 160*128
    • Size:Ā  Up to 15M
  • V2.0 screen:
    • Resolution: 320*240
    • Size:Ā  Up to 15M

Uploading Step

  1. Take the screen out from keyboard.
  2. Plug the cable into screen and connect with device until the screen lights up and the screen tool shows connecting.
  3. If you don’t like the factory images, please click “Reset” to delete all factory images.
  4. Click “Open File”.
  5. Choose your image or GIF in folder, then it will be shown at the right blank part.
  6. Click “Send File”.
  7. Waiting for the progress bar (under the blank part) finished. DO NOT UNPLUG SCREEN DURING THIS
  8. Click “Picture or Time”/”Display Exchange” (on v1.0 screen), to check the real effect.Ā 
  9. Unplug cable and put it on the keyboard.



Crashing or Freezing Screen

87PRO screen issue

Some customers will face issues such as crash or freeze after uploading oversized images or GIFs, just like the picture on the left.Ā 

When this issue happens, you can try the method like the video below.

Directly touch the contactor with the metal item, then plug the cable. It doesn’t matter if you can not find the metal item, you can try to use the screen pin and keycap puller(check the video about how to use it.)

The purpose of the method is to short out the screen in order to reset it.

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